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We are a best and service center for Lenovo laptops in Chennai. Our Lenovo laptop repair center has done the door step service for our customer request.

Laptop Screen Service

Lenovo Laptop screens are breaking simply. sometimes a simple pressure in a corner or a pen forgotten on the keyboard may crack the screen once you shut the lid.Little dots of color, white or black sitting there at all times indicate dead pixels on your screen.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done except replacing the screen. we specialize in Lenovo laptop Screen Repair and we can replace your broken screen with a brand new one, original precise fit for your model, the same day, or if it's not available, within but 24 hours.

Virus Removal

When you are infected by a virus, or a trojan horse, it shows most of the time a page, and block any access to your laptop.At this stage, if your virus removal program didn’t protect you, our advice is to not trying to induce rid of it by yourself.

Things could go worse and build the problem more difficult to treat, not mentioning the considerable quantity time you’re progressing to spend online trying fixes that don’t work.When it involves Virus Removal, the most effective thing is to concern skilled facilitate.

Liquid spillage

If you accidently dropped some liquid over your laptop, it's over likely that whatever it's, it'll travel through the keyboard, and reach the motherboard. The damage may be unpredictable.

In case of liquid spillage, the best factor to do immediately is to remove the battery and keep the portable computer open upside down to avoid the liquid spilling deeper within.We will fine clean all visible traces of liquid spillage on stained surfaces with lotion and liquid-spillage finally dry the pc again,compressed air and hot air blowing.

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